What does Isagenix do?

By using the Isagenix range of products, you’re giving your body a complete detox and cleanse, thus removing toxins that have built up over your lifetime. This often results in weight loss, but many people use Isagenix to put on lean muscle mass, improve overall health and gain more energy.

what makes isagenix different?

Isagenix was founded and formulated by the world-renowned ‘Mineral Man’, John Anderson. In his more than 30 years of working as a vitamin formulator, John has always been heavily influenced by Eastern philosophy and schools of thought. Therefore, Isagenix contains many ingredients from the East that most Western-inspired products just do not have. Reading an Isagenix ingredient label is akin to perusing the vitamin aisle at your favourite health shop. But with Isagenix, you get a multitude of nutrition in a few simple-to-use formulas available at affordable prices.

What sets Isagenix apart is its ability to deliver real results in a safe, pure formula. Isagenix combines aloe vera with ionic trace minerals and more than 200 active naturals. Our guaranteed formula has everything your body needs–and nothing it does not. The Isagenix program is based around the foundations of nutritional cleansing, which has a host of different benefits.

I am busy. Is it hard to follow the Isagenix program?

The Isagenix program offers you almost instantaneous nutrition with its meal-replacement shakes. Isagenix is the perfect choice for active, busy people on the go by providing a quick, complete meal in a flash. There are also a range of snacks available for purchase; all with the very best nutritional content.

How long do I have to follow the Isagenix program?

Isagenix improves your body from the inside out, delivering waves of nutritional well-being and mental clarity. Although some customers only choose to complete 1-2 months of the program, we recommend staying on some form of the products such as the shakes for as long as possible. If you did choose to leave the Isagenix program, there are no exit fees or locked in contracts of any sort.

Do I have to sell the products?

No, the business aspect of Isagenix is completely up to you! If you wish to pursue this exciting opportunity we are here to help. If you only wish to use the products, that’s fine too. You can still sign up as an autoship, preferred or retail customer and take advantage of the best nutritional products on the market.

How can I make money selling Isagenix as a side business?

Once you see your own excellent results from using Isagenix, you’ll be happy to share the products with family and friends. The focus is not on selling, but rather on teaching you how to effectively share Isagenix with others and get people who want to try Isagenix products for themselves.

When you become an Isagenix Associate, you will be provided with your own web site and access to the very best resources including private Facebook pages, business training and IsaTonic’s Welcome Kit. You will also receive support from other experienced Isagenix Associates to help you share the word about the quality and effectiveness of Isagenix and carry on the tradition of overwhelming success.

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?