“I don't have time,” “I'll do that in time.” All of these phrases we hear and say often but is this true? Usually, it's not.

“Time is money.” That's another common phrase, and this one is true! We cherish our money so much, and we work hard to make money, but if we worked as hard for time and appreciated time as much as money, we'd have more of it!

The truth is, we don't have the time because we have a habit of not making the time! So, yes, we have time, we just don't use it!

So, how can you make more time for yourself? Here are a few tips on how you can MAKE time for YOU!

Evaluate Your Time

Where are you wasting time?

The first step to making time for yourself is to be aware of the time you are wasting. Step back and look at where you need to spend more time and where you need to spend less time. Chances are, you are wasting more than you know!

Track Your Time

When you're aware of where you're putting your time, track it via an app or a notebook and make changes were necessary.

Make a Wish List

What would you like to do? Meet a friend for lunch? Get a manicure or pedicure? Maybe a massage? Schedule these things in your calendar, or they will never happen.

Ask yourself what you love to do the most and what you have wanted to do for as long as you can think back and write all of them down! They may not happen right away; they may not occur for years, some may not happen at all, but they will never have the chance to if you don't write them down! Writing it down does two things:

● It imprints it in your mind so that you remember it better and think of it more often
● It becomes more real to you, which motivates you to make it happen

Block Time

Blocking time is a fantastic method that the most successful Entrepreneurs use because it works great! This ensures that you can see where you can put your time.

How do you really spend your time? Use a calendar and time block all of the things you must do with work and family responsibilities. Prioritize your time and get organized! Reschedule your schedule if needed too!

Give Up What You Can

What things honestly waste your time? Is it Social Media? Perhaps it's sleeping? Could it be getting distracted with a long phone call?

Getting distracted, and in some cases, being lazy can become a force of habit that quickly becomes easier and easier the longer you let it continue! Work hard NOT to waste time to spend time on what matters the most to you! Even if you have to ask for some quiet to get some needed work done, then ask!

What Can You Delegate or Outsource?

Look at the things you are doing in your life whether it's at home, work, church life, and in the community and think about what you can delegate to others.

Could your kids help you make supper so that you have more time to sit outside? Could you hire a Virtual Assistant to help you with your business so that you have more time to work in your business? Could you ask someone else to lead the Bible Study for one night so that you can spend more time with your husband? Could you ask your husband to help with clean up after your community event so that you can have more time to spend with your family that weekend?

This can definitely be a tough one for us to learn! Try to ask more for help at home and in all areas of your life.

Establish “Non-Negotiable's”

Establish one or two things in your life that are”non-negotiable” and work your schedule around them. This could be your faith, life, family life, work commitments, self-care, and more. This way, you can put the right time into what matters the most to you and can sacrifice what doesn't at times.

All other things can then remain flexible! This works really well to stay out of the stressed out phase.

To Do Lists

To do lists are similar to wish lists except these are things that have to happen and then, when you check them off, you know they are suddenly out of sight and out of mind, giving your brain more room to make time for more priorities and tasks!

Use lined sticky notes, a pretty planner, a time management tool, or app to help you out with a to-do list! Then, make sure that everything that must get done gets written in! Also, it's such a great feeling to check things off that list!

Be Adaptable

Don't be afraid to change things up! Reassess your tasks and time every week and be adaptable to change. Changing your strategy is ok! Be willing to change things up until you find a system that works well for you.

Make Time Worth YOUR Time

Next time you say to someone or yourself, “I don't have time,” make sure you mean it.

In the end, time is something you can never get back, so don't waste it! Make time worth your time! Other less important things can wait but time is a gift so embrace it and use it wisely!

What is ONE thing that you can do differently that will give you back YOUR time?

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