A lot of people misunderstand what Network Marketing is and isn't. It's also a very sensitive and controversial topic.

There's so much misconception around this industry, and for those of you that are not involved in it, unless you have learned about it, went to a meeting or unless you've researched it, you would understand why a lot of people thrive on network marketing.

Below are 5 major Network Marketing Misconceptions.

  1. It's an Illegal Pyramid Scheme

A lot of people's definition of “what an illegal pyramid scheme is?” typically is, “the person on top makes all the money, and no one else makes money.” Let's talk about how this works.

Most of the companies sell products, and the business representatives get paid on the number of products that are sold by them. Many times, representatives that get in first or earliest build a large organization, and they may make more money than others who work in the same company when you initially get started.

However, if it is a legitimate company, with a legal compensation plan and fabulous products, this is not always the case.

There are so many different ways to do network marketing. Some business representatives are internet driven which enable them to do their business from their cell phone or computer and because of this, they can go anywhere with it! For others, they go into people's homes doing home parties. However, home parties used to be the prime way to do network marketing which is not the case anymore. While others choose to still do parties, they don’t have to do so anymore to be successful.

Things are different now than they used to be with network marketing. Some people have enrolled a few people who have out-earned them, and they are proud of them, and they encourage them! This already really debunks the myth that only the person on top gets paid and the myth that this is an illegal pyramid scheme.

There are so many legitimate companies out there that you can find. You have to find a product that you're passionate about and love, then align yourself with a company that does it right and full of integrity.

2. Network Marketing Uses People

The misconception that Network Marketing uses people can really hurt the people that work in network marketing companies because the success that most have found from working in their business has been because they have helped people! It's not at all about using people, and unless someone is in that field of work, it's not right to make a judgment as negative as these companies using people. In fact, you can't decide on something if you don't know about it.

Jim Rohn often quotes,”If you help enough other people succeed, you will get what you want.” This statement is what the network marketing industry is all about. No matter what the product is, when you help other people succeed, you succeed.

Helping others succeed is also known as Servant Leadership. It is a business where you get paid based on helping other people. It's such a fascinating business field to be in!

3. Network Marketing is a Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme

This myth is said so often, and it's very wrong! Again, Network Marketing is not a scheme. Some people sell products to help people with weight loss, others who help people gain more energy by sleeping better, and other business representatives help people with healthy aging and the wealth creation side of things. There are so many wonderful opportunities various companies offer to business representatives to help out so many other people! Selling products to people is not a get rich quick scheme. A lot of people are incredibly successful in their business, and it doesn't take long to do so.

Money can be made, you can live your wildest dreams, and you can absolutely have complete success financially with this industry if you wrap yourself around the right company with the right products. But, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

What is IS, is it's about the number of people in your network.

Do you have a big network of people that you can work with? Do you love helping people?

If you take a different approach and method when working in Network Marketing, you can be successful and help so many people! You don't need to keep signing people up for your program or buy your products every day if you want to genuinely help people, impact them, and if you desire to have them feel healthy, excellent and vibrant, especially if you have had received the same help before joining the same company. When you feel great, you want the world to feel great, so naturally, you spread the good news around!

4. Network Marketing is Easy

It is not easy to get involved in Network Marketing! What's good about Network Marketing, is, there isn't much overhead. When Network Marketing started years ago, you were required to purchase a kit of products, which was an investment. The beautiful thing about Network Marketing is, it's not like having a brick-and-mortar building where you have to invest thousands of dollars to get started. There is little investment to get started. This part of it is simple, but it's not easy to be successful in this industry.

You have to be willing to work hard and want to make a difference to help other people be successful. While you can work in your business to help your clients and potential clients get healthy, you can also work with your leaders because you want them to be successful like you are. When you help other people be successful in their business, you help with their family's financial blueprint as well.

It's not easy to build a huge organization, it's not easy to get thousands of people ordering products so that you can make money, but it IS worth it.

When business representatives receive messages saying words of thank you such as, “Thank you so much for changing my life and thank you for introducing me to these products!”, these statements alone can help any business representative feel better and sleep better.

5. You Will Have to Bug Your Family and Friends

A lot of business representatives have some family and friends that don't use their product. Some business representatives don't push their family and friends but rather, when asked, “How is your business going?” most will only tell them what they're doing or how they're doing, but they won't pressure them to buy.

While a lot of sales representatives want all their family and friends on the products they sell because they believe they can be a tremendous help in their family's and friends lives, they don't hound them. Instead, they show their loved ones what they do for their business, and it often attracts people. They show their family and friends how their products help them, and how they benefit them too. Their hope all the time is that it will help other people and that someday their friends and family will want to try the products also.

You have to be passionate about what you do. You have to love the products that you use every single day. You have to love it so much that even if you knew you weren't going to get paid another dollar for your business, that you would still use these products forever, regardless, and that you're passionate about sharing your products with other people because you genuinely want to help them.

So those are the myths and misconceptions about Network Marketing. Now let's talk about why so many people DO love Network Marketing.

What I Love So Much About Network Marketing

People Want Other People to Succeed and Have Fulfillment in Life

Network Marketing makes you understand that being jealous is unattractive. People who work in Network Marketing get fulfillment out of seeing other people succeed. They are so happy when they can watch other people succeed every single day in the industry they introduced them to.

Getting Paid an Income by Helping Others

As a Network Marketer, you will get paid to make others feel better. You will receive income to help other people feel better, have more energy, and also help get their self-confidence and self-esteem back.

You Don't Need a College Degree

What so many people who work in Network Marketing love about their job is that they didn't have to have a college degree to do so. So, for those that didn't have the opportunity to go to college, they can still be successful in this business. They love the fact that they are in an industry in which they can help people and with this, they then also become better.

You Get to Get Out and See the World

When you work as a Network Marketer, you get to travel, and many representatives would never have gone on all of the amazing trips they have had the opportunity to do with working in their business and meeting the people they have come across along the way.

Now so many representatives are bringing their husband and children with them on these trips everywhere, whenever possible. They would never have experienced traveling if it weren't for this amazing industry.

You Get Paid for Personal Development

When you work as a Network Marketer, you get paid for personal development! You start a personal development journey with a paycheck attached to it! Most companies in corporate America don't teach you about personal development and servant leadership, so this blessing is what many people who work in Network Marketing love about this industry!

People in Network Marketing also end up growing so much in their business on a personal level, and they find eventually that they are not the same person they used to be but better!

As a Network Marketer, you have a big chance to grow much more confident and so much more. Network Marketing companies have given so many people so much with their opportunity, and their representatives want to give that back to everyone!

Network Marketing has a bad rep from misinformed people, and it doesn't need to stay that way if we open our hearts and minds to seeing what Network Marketing TRULY is!

Share in the comments below: What is ONE thing you have learned about Network Marketing that you didn't know, by reading this article?

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