Our plates are full. With jobs, families, and friends alone, most of our time is already taken up. But we also have hobbies, volunteering, traveling, and more to fit on our already overflowing plates. Sometimes it feels like there is simply no space left for anything else. And yet we say yes to more. Yes to the neighborhood cookie exchange, yes to the networking event, yes to the new project at work, yes, yes, yes.


It’s important to follow through on what we commit to. But let’s be honest, we over-commit. We throw more onto our plate than we can realistically handle, and it leads to us doing less than our best with everything on the plate. And one of the first things we take off our plate to make room for the rest? Our health. We only have so many hours in the day, and that one hour you were going to spend working out? That needs to go towards something more important, like feeding your family, making a work presentation, or getting your holiday shopping finished.

I want to push you to re-think your commitment to your health, because our health should be a non-negotiable, with more than enough space on our plate. It should be a given that everyday, we have the time and space to nourish, move, and rest our bodies. Otherwise, everything else we do will feel as depleted as our bodies. We need to start looking at the things that are spilling off our plate and evaluate what we can actually say no to, because it isn’t healthy to always say yes.



So look at what you have on your plate right now. Get clear on what is a non-negotiable commitment, and start to release anything that doesn’t require or deserve your full commitment. And make these distinctions not based on how you’ve managed in the past (because that is what has led to an overflowing plate), but instead make these distinctions as if you were already the person you aspire to be.


If you want to be a marathoner, then get committed to your training and nutrition while also releasing TV that keeps you up late and the doughnuts you crave for breakfast.

If you want to be a writer, commit to writing a minimum word count everyday instead of scrolling Instagram and Facebook.

If you want to attract a serious partner into your life, stop wasting time on the person you keep going back to and put yourself out there to meet new people.


The person you aspire to be doesn’t need to wait for the new year to start implementing these changes. They would get clear right now and start to see the results of recommitting to what really matters before the holidays even roll around. What can you say no to right now? Create space on your plate and only say yes when it is in alignment with who you truly want to be. You are in control of the load you carry and the experiences you attract into your life.


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