Deals on Black Friday

And more on Cyber Monday

Must make more cookies and finish up shopping

Premium packages tied up with bows

These are a few of our holiday woes….

The holidays are upon us. And with the holidays comes crowded malls, endless to-do lists, full social calendars, and high expectations. All of this adds up to a whole lot of stress that pulls us further and further away from the reason all this holiday chaos exists in the first place. So right now, I want you to stop thinking about whatever is on your to-do list, forget about the entire concept of stress. Take a deep inhale, fill your belly with air, drink in one more sip of air, and then slowly exhale and feel yourself relax as the air leaves your body (repeat as many times as necessary). We are meant to enjoy this season as we celebrate and surround ourselves and others with love. Holiday stress is an unnecessary construct, and here are my tips to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling holiday season.


Tip 1: Get your sleep

Our days can seem to get more and more full as we get closer to the end of the year. It becomes increasingly difficult to manage the full days if you aren’t getting enough sleep. Don’t try to burn the holiday candle at both ends. You will be more productive and exponentially happier on a full night’s rest. To get your best possible sleep, make sure you have a bedtime ritual that allows you to wind down from the high holiday energy you’re experiencing during the day. Dim your lights and make sure to remove all blue light an hour before your bed time (yes this is difficult, but you’ll thank yourself in the morning). Diffuse lavender oil to begin relaxing your physical body, and journal any thoughts that come up to relax the mind. As you reach a state of relaxation, enjoy a calming activity, like reading a book, until you’re ready for sleep.

Tip 2: Drink water

Christmas ale, egg nog, red wine, and hot chocolate are the drinks that seem to become abundant this time of year. But your body can not and will not function the way you want it to if you don’t continue drinking lots of water. Water keeps your energy up, your metabolism moving, your immune system working, and your skin glowing. All aspects of your health are tied to the amount of water you drink, so keep yourself accountable and hydrated. If it motivates you, make your water fancy for the holidays. Add some fresh cucumber slices and a drop of lemon essential oil, and enjoy the beverage that will keep you healthy for the holidays.

Tip 3: Move your body

There is no reason to hold yourself back from eating pumpkin pie and Christmas cookies, it’s the holidays after all! A little indulgence only becomes a problem if you’re spending all of your time on the couch watching Christmas movies. Everyday invest a little time in moving your body. Your body is designed to be active and it wants to be moved, so give yourself the gift of exercise this holiday! If you already love working out and you know what type of exercise works for you, just make sure you’re scheduling time to make it happen. If you aren’t a huge fan of working out, this is a great time to explore different exercise formats! Studios have all kinds of special classes during the holidays that bring a little extra fun to the workout, explore what is offered in your area. And if you have excuses about working out during this season (not enough time, not enough money, etc), you can find quick and free workouts on Youtube. There is no valid excuse to deny your body what it needs, just because of some holidays.

Tip 4: Be Organized

With so much happening all at once, stress can easily take over, but only if you let it. Staying organized amidst the chaos allows you to focus on what is in your control. Create a list of everyone you need to send a Christmas card to, and check off names as you pop cards in the mail. Make a list of everyone you want to give a gift too, and keep track of what you’ve gotten and wrapped for each person. Look ahead at your schedule and plan meals for the days you’re hosting. If you’re like me, you’ll set aside an entire day to make freezer meals for the whole month. My freezer is fully stocked with healthy meals for the full house I’ll have over the holidays. I won’t have to worry about cooking until the new year!

Tip 5: Get Ready

The holidays will never be as “perfect” as we want them to be. The dish you’re bringing to the holiday party might turn out to be inedible. Your kids might get in a massive fight that upsets the whole family. Your friend might react poorly to a gift you put a lot of thought into. The possibilities of what could go wrong are endless. So let go of the idea that the holidays will be “perfect” and instead let's celebrate the imperfections that make the holiday season what it is. Maybe your friend didn’t love their gift, but you got to demonstrate how much you love them with the thought behind the gift. Maybe your family doesn’t always get along, but at leastyou’re altogether. Maybe you messed up some food, but everyone else is abundant with what they have. Accept the curveballs with grace and enjoy the holidays as you are meant too.

Keep your health at the top of your to-do list during the holidays and enjoy every moment. Having health during the holidays gives you one more reason to celebrate.

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