A resolution is a promise to yourself, to either do more of something good, or less of something not so good. Truthfully, we can set resolutions at anytime, but the new year always feels like the perfect time to make positive change, because you get a completely clean slate…right?

Well actually, all that’s really clean is the calendar. The habits you want to let go of are as much present on January 1 as they were on December 31. And the habits you hope to build are as far away on January 1 as they were on December 31. It takes consistent action all year to actually create the change we seek in our resolutions. So when we set resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, build financial wealth, travel more, etc, we need to have strong RESOLVE to build new habits when it would be easier to fall back into the patterns of 2019.

The reality is, by January 15th 95% of people break their new year resolutions. On January 15th, 95% of people will decide they are too tired to work out. On January 15th, 95% of people will decide eating healthy takes too much time and preparation. On January 15th, 95% of people will buy something that means putting off saving for travel. Don’t let yourself fall into that 95%. You are the only person who can make your resolutions happen, and it’s up to you to get into the 5%.

I want to share a few tips with you, because I want to see you get into the 5% of people who succeed!

Be intentional with your resolutions. Take a mindful look at your 2019. Observe what worked well for you, and what didn’t. Come away from that observation with specific areas for improvement. And rather than have a blanket resolution of “getting healthy in 2020,” get exact with your goals. “I need to eat 2 handfuls of greens everyday, have meat-free Mondays, and exercise 4 times a week.” It is so much easier to hold yourself accountable when you aren’t operating in a gray area.

Get back on the bandwagon. Using the above example of resolutions on getting healthy, realize that you have to retrain your brain to make these resolutions as habitual as brushing your teeth. You are up against years old habits of eating processed foods instead of fresh foods, all your favorite recipes have meat, and the schedule you’ve been on since having kids has never involved working out. OF COURSE there will be days when you slip up, maybe even just forgetting about the new habits you’re trying to make. That’s ok!!! Missing one day, or even one week, does not mean you have to miss out on the whole year. As easily as you slid off the wagon, hop right back on. It’s only a failure if you stop trying.

Find systems that keep you accountable. If your resolution only exists in your mind, it’s going to be hard to stick to it. If your friends know about it, you might be more inclined to work at it. If you have reminders on your bathroom mirror, you’ll think about your resolution every day. But what if you had a coach who wouldn’t let you fail? What if you had a group of driven people to check in with every day? What if there were prizes waiting for you on the other side of your resolution? I would love to coach you to success on whatever wellness or business goals you have for the new year. I have groups you can plug into, challenges you can enter for a chance to win prizes, and complete belief that you can achieve everything you want and more this year.

I am wishing you the happiest new year. Dream big and don’t give up on your resolutions. If you need any support on making this year huge, I’m only a message away.

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