It is one of my foundational beliefs that everything happens for a reason, and that reason is always working for our highest good. It is certainly challenging to see the good in a virus that has been destructive for so many people. My heart aches for those who have lost a loved one, been laid off, and to those working on the frontlines in our healthcare system. I do, however, hold on to my practice of finding the good, because this virus will not be beat if we collectively live in fear and panic. It is in no way my aim to discredit the pain this virus has caused, but for many of us, we are tucked safely away at home with so much to still be grateful for. If I believe the tiniest things I experience day to day are happening for a reason, I have complete faith that something of this magnitude is serving a purpose of it’s own.

All we have to do is look to nature in order to see this belief in practice. As massive fear has swept the entire world, shutting people into their homes for weeks stretching into months, blue skies have been seen in industrial China where some of the largest reductions in air pollution are being measured by satellite. Canals in Italy, usually contaminated by tourism, are becoming clearer by the day and inhabitable for wildlife. Mother nature has found a silver lining that she is trying to share with us, this pandemic offers a reset button. In the last few years, people have been eager and quick to complain about all that is wrong in the world. Pollution reaching levels we won’t be able to reverse, dysfunctional division between political parties, economic corruption, the list goes on and on. Well the opportunity for all these things to change has arrived, and if we reframe how we view our current situation, maybe we can take advantage of the opportunity in front of us.

Like I mentioned, we are already seeing the massive environmental benefits of the world taking a collective pause. People of different belief systems are coming together and finding common ground because that is what this situation demands. I think the way businesses handle themselves at this time will determine who lasts and who fades, and I don’t believe there will be room for unethical and corrupt businesses in the post-virus era.

But what does this pause look like for you personally?

In my house we are working with the reality of a high school senior missing out on all the special moments that should be happening at this time of year. We have a college student back home, trying to navigate classes that were never meant to be taken online. And we have an adult daughter at home who went from having three jobs to zero jobs in a matter of days. These are the realities, but we get to choose how to view them. Our family is only together a few times a year, so first and foremost, we are looking at this time as a blessing to be together. Secondly, we are choosing how to use our reset button. The pace of life has gotten so fast, sometimes we can get so caught up in the race that we don’t even recognize where we are going. This pause offers the individual opportunity to step back and observe where you’ve been going, and decide if that is in alignment with where you ultimately want to go. We are asking ourselves questions like, what do you really want your life to look like come December? Do you feel fulfilled by the work you are doing? Is there a passion you’ve been holding yourself back from pursuing?

Just like old systems of corruption, pollution, and division are breaking down in society, old stories and habits are breaking down in your own life at this time. Take the time you now have to get clear on what you want life to look like when this is all over. I find that I get the most clarity when I spend time each day doing things for pure enjoyment and fulfillment. Right now my daily habits include morning yoga with my daughters (you can practice with us live in this facebook group), cooking fresh plant based meals (this is where we get our favorite recipes) , and pouring personal development content into my mind (this is what I'm reading right now).

The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to find peace in knowing everything is happening for a reason and there is a greater plan in place. When we collectively see this as an opportunity to create what the world will look like in this next era, we can really put into practice one of my favorite quotes. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” If you want a more connected, trusting, and loving world, I invite you to ask yourself the question, what do I need to change in myself? Let’s use our reset buttons wisely.

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