There are many reasons to stop drinking soda. I came across these steps to assist you and thought I would share them with you. I was a HUGE diet coke drinker and 7 years ago had my last one. I can’t tell you how hard this was at first but also how glad I am I kicked the habit and have never looked back.

1. It is perfectly fine to start slowly. If you are drinking 3 or more a day, scale yourself back to one soda a day to make the transition easier. You definitely want to wean off soda as it will be much harder to quit cold turkey.

2. Explore alternatives to pop. You’re going to want to replace it with other tasty drinks. I like carbonated water and drink LaCroix or Bubbly drinks to get the carbonation fix.

3. Have alternatives handy. Once you find another drink that you enjoy make sure to keep it handy. I found purchasing a cute water bottle that keeps my drinks cold and taking that with me has been very helpful!

4. Adding fresh fruit to my water or bubbly water is a great treat too. (I love adding these essential oil drops)

5. Think of all the money you can save by NOT buying soda and replacing it with water.

Soda truly is an addiction and can be very hard to break. I have a lot of clients that once they break this habit they are able release weight, sleep better, have more energy and feel amazing! 

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