“Let Me Reintroduce Myself”

I’m guessing if you are here then you are very familiar with Isagenix, or at the very least, are interested in Isagenix. If I am correct in that assumption, then you may have heard of Isagenix’s new video series “Let Me Reintroduce Myself.” If you haven’t watched it yet, CHECK IT OUT. It’s a brilliant look into the essence of this company.

After watching it yesterday, I couldn’t stop thinking about something that was mentioned. Erik Coover spoke about the stereotypes Isagenix faces as a networking marketing company, one being that they only exist to scam people out of money. People assume based on the organization that all they care about is money. And if that is true, why would we trust the products they are trying to sell us? Why would we trust that these products are actually good for us when it’s all a scam?

I find it funny, actually hilarious, that the very people making assertions are filling there grocery carts with foods and products that are guilty of the very things they accuse Isagenix of. Do you think Lays is concerned about your health when you eat a bag of their chips? Do you think Kraft cares about the kids they are feeding powdered cheese to? I can tell you that if Coke was worried about the health impact of their product, it wouldn’t even be on the shelves. But we accept these products as staples of a household and continue to buy and ingest them without a second thought. However, when a company who is not only health conscious but also freedom conscious and environmentally conscious, they are torn apart by critics and skeptics. 

I guess it is hard to believe that there is a company who would rather take their product temporarily off the market rather than continue making money on it when already pure ingredients aren’t meeting the company standard. I guess it is hard to believe that a company innovates itself every year to improve the rewards for those who share the products. I guess it is hard to believe that a company could set a goal to be zero waste and take the steps to make it a reality. 

This company is here to change your life and by compound effect, change the world. When companies like this step up, why should we tear them down? Because we are afraid of the change it presents to our life? Companies like this are our future. If we want to see positive change in the world, we need to grow and change ourselves to support the companies who in fact are driven by far more than money. 

Katie Walter


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