Cleanse for Life® is an essential component of Cleanse Days, but its powerful blend of botanical ingredients, vitamins, and other nutrients provide the kind of benefits you need every day.

Cleanse for Life is formulated with nourishing ingredients designed to support your body’s natural process of renewal and detoxification. Peppermint and aloe soothe the digestive system, B vitamins support metabolism, and adaptogens and other botanical ingredients help reinforce the body’s resistance to stress.


A Cleanse Day is the Isagenix method of nutritionally supported intermittent fasting, and Cleanse for Life is a key feature that makes Cleanse Days different from ordinary fasting or simply skipping a few meals. Cleanse for Life has been scientifically tested for its benefits in supporting detoxification pathways in cells and helping reduce oxidative stressduring weight loss as part of the Isagenix System (1,2).

Your body has its own natural pathways to neutralize and remove toxins, but there’s a lot that these systems need to manage every day, from household chemicals to car exhaust. The combination of ingredients in Cleanse for Life reinforces your body’s natural ability to tackle these challenges. Your body’s detoxification systems work for you every day, which is why Cleanse for Life provides valuable support when used daily.


The meticulously selected blend of natural ingredients offers different benefits depending on how you use Cleanse for Life. When taken every day, it provides botanical ingredients, like turmeric and adaptogens, along with a daily dose of polyphenol phytonutrients. For those seeking weight loss or deep cleansing support, it’s a fundamental component of Cleanse Days.

Everyday Cleansing

Everyday cleansing involves drinking one 2-ounce (or one-scoop) serving of Cleanse for Life daily. When using Cleanse for Life for daily support, you are still consuming shakes and regular meals as you would any other day.

The benefit of everyday cleansing comes from providing your body with steady support from polyphenol-rich botanical extracts, herbal ingredients, and other nutrients in Cleanse for Life. While you can enjoy it at any time of day, some people prefer to start their morning with Cleanse for Life, while others like to drink their daily serving before bed. For those who don’t routinely complete Cleanse Days, everyday cleansing can be an ideal way to incorporate the benefits of Cleanse for Life into their routine.

Deep Cleansing

For those seeking weight loss and the benefits of intermittent fasting, Cleanse Days aren’t complete without Cleanse for Life. For deep cleansing, you drink four 4-ounce servings of Cleanse for Life spaced evenly throughout the day. You’ll also choose from Cleanse Day support tools, or small snacks, to help you manage cravings and receive steady energy while keeping calories very low. The support of Cleanse for Life helps you feel nourished and energized, allowing you to stay focused on your health and weight loss goals.

There’s no need to choose between these two ways to use Cleanse for Life. Both deep cleansing and everyday cleansing are nutritional strategies that contribute to overall health and well-being. Cleanse for Life supports your body’s detoxification systems on Cleanse Days and every day.

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